Support Your Sport

Where can I play sport?

All local authority leisure departments supply sports facilities within their area. The Government has introduced new Sport Action Zones to enhance 프로토 athletics across England. The programme is meant to operate for ten years. Call the local authority to find out what’s available for you locally.

A group of friends may like to make your own soccer team, running team or maybe a Frisbee challenge staff! All these activities could be enjoyed informally. If you want additional information about any sporting activity, contact one of the sport organisations in our listing.

Are you getting enough exercise?

The manual encourages you to make exercise part of your weekly routine. They have the following guidance for young people:

“When you’re young, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to bother exercising. Nonetheless, it’s vital to stay active to keep yourself in good shape. Not only will you look and feel better but you’ll be less likely to keep up health issues for the future”

The leaflet suggested you do some or all of the following:
-Join a local leisure center;
-When there’s a particular sport you enjoy, make enquiries with your local sports centre to find out if there is a club you can join;
-If you prefer individual activities, attempt cycling, jogging or walking. You may know someone who’d love to train with you;
-There may be reductions available to young people in your area. Learn from the local council in case schemes in this way operate in your region;
-Don’t forget dancing… A night to the dance floor may consume as much energy as a complete workout!

Get in touch with the HEA if you’d like to receive a copy of their booklet.

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