Three Ways Windstorms Impact Your Roof

Heavy weather of any kind can have a high impact on your roof and home. Windstorms can cause a lot of damage and require your roof to be repaired. Though windstorms can seem like a low impact storm at first, they can cause plenty of damage when winds get fast enough.


You do not need to live in an area affected by tornados or hurricanes to feel the impact of strong windstorms. Winds can affect your roof either directly or indirectly in several ways. No matter how the wind damaged your roof, professionals at Kennesaw Roof Replacement is happy to help.


We will assess any damage and help you find the best path forward to repairs. No matter how big or small the damage may be.

Missing Shingles

When wind speeds get high enough, they can take off shingles and tiles. The effect of this on your roof is quickly apparent, your roof will not be able to adequately keep the elements out. It will be easier for rain and other elements to get into your house. It can also help more problems develop as any gaps can get bigger.


High wind speeds can also loosen any shingles on the roof. These loose shingles can allow leaks and cause other elements to affect your house. After a storm, it is important to have the damage properly assessed.

Missing Gutters

Similar to missing shingles, heavy winds can take off your gutters and other parts of the draining system. If you live in a rain heavy area it is important to get this replaced as soon as possible so that materials don’t build up on your roof. Extra materials create excess weight on the roof and can cause your roof to weaken over time.


Even if the windstorm loosens the gutter on your roof, it is still important to get it fixed right away. A loose gutter system may not drain properly and can contribute to extra debris on the roof. If it does fall, it can take parts of the roof with it depending on how the gutter is attached to the roof.


While holes are typically associated with hail storms and snowstorms, fallen debris can create holes in your roof. Most of these are tree branches or trees, though fallen power lines can also create holes. Anything that is blown around can hot your roof and create a hole if wind speeds are high enough.


Even small holes should be inspected after a windstorm. Small holes can build over time and create more problems. A roof with a hole in it cannot protect you from the elements and can lead to further damage in your home.


Kennesaw roof repair is happy to help homeowners assess damages and plan how to fix those damages. Whether it’s a few loose shingles and tiles or a big hole from a fallen tree branch, we are happy to make sure your roof makes it through the storm.

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