Tips for taking a Google Certified Educator test




Google offers various confirmations for teachers who need to demonstrate their capability and homeroom practice with G Suite for Education devices. The beginning stage is the Google Certified Educator Level 1, which incorporates a 3 hour down to earth test. For the educators we work with, this test is consistently the most overwhelming piece of getting confirmed! In this blog entry, I’ll share a few hints and guidance for handling a Google Certified Educator test (either level 1 or 2) and getting ensured.  More info


  1. Have certainty and experience over a scope of G Suite devices


The greatest slip-up instructors make while endeavoring the Google Certified Educator Level 1 test is to accept that ‘Level 1’ signifies it is for apprentices who are new to G Suite. It’s definitely not. The confirmation is intended for educators to show their current competency in a few center G Suite instruments. When in doubt, you are prepared to endeavor the Google Certified Educator Level 1 test if:


You consistently use G Suite apparatuses for an assortment of purposes in your homeroom/school.


You have involvement in the majority of the center G Suite apparatuses, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom and Sites. It’s OK on the off chance that you have less involvement with a few these, however you ought to be exceptionally comfortable and OK with the vast majority of them.


Your overall certainty with G Suite is high. You know and can utilize numerous highlights and can move sensibly immediately between various applications.


In the event that you don’t think you have the certainty and experience required, consider undertaking other G Suite preparing first. Our G Suite Training Readiness Tool for teachers can assist you with deciding the degree of preparing that is appropriate for you.


  1. Work through the Google for Education Training Center


The Google for Education Training Center incorporates both key and progressed courses. They highlight a scope of thoughts and systems for utilizing G Suite devices in your homeroom, including stories and tips from different instructors. Each part has connections to Google help subjects, which you can use to become familiar with explicit devices or highlights.


  1. Think about going to a preliminary course


A few Google for Education accomplices (counting us!) offer Google Certified Educator Boot Camps. These courses are intended to set you up for taking the test. Our multi day courses cover all the G Suite apparatuses and highlights that you are probably going to experience in the test. We likewise give you both numerous decision and functional situation practice addresses that give you a vibe for what the test will resemble. Toward the finish of the course, you sit the test in a steady climate. Nonetheless, as their name recommends, these training camps are serious, relentless workshop that are just reasonable for educators who as of now have a decent degree of certainty and experience. A novice would be overpowered! On the off chance that you are keen on going to a training camp, look at our functions page to perceive what is coming up, or connect with us about facilitating one in your school/district.


We likewise have our instructional meetings recorded in our online PLN You can watch the preparation recordings voluntarily, ask our group any inquiries and afterward sit the test when you are prepared.

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